About UMAY

In Turkic and Mongolian mythology, UMAY is the Earth-Mother, the oldest deity of fertility, the protector of women and children. One can feel her love and presence all around, as she watches over and supports communities. We preserve her spirit and materialize it in our work with the utmost care and sensitivity. Through our floral compositions, we aim to provide a story and sense of home.

Taking further cues from fine art, fashion, design and architecture, we hone our grounded, timeless style to create an emotional experience. We offer carefully crafted ceramic vases to organically pair with any chosen bouquet. These simple, light and functional pieces are made in-house and in collaboration with artists and designers.

About our studio 

Umay studio is based in an historical part of DTLA, at 801 Los Angeles Street, just a few steps from the LA flower district. It helps us to optimize access on a daily basis to the best and freshest flowers in Los Angeles County.

About the founders

Dasha Simpson is a floral artist and ceramic craftswoman based in Los Angeles.

Her career began in advertising, but she soon left the field to pursue floristry. As part of her training, Dasha completed floral design programs in London, Paris and New York.

Before launching Umay, she co-founded Something Else, a design studio and flower shop that has been operating in her native city of Almaty for over a decade. At Something Else, Dasha styled flowers and composed installations for Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef & Arpels and Saks Fifth Avenue, among other clients. Inspired by the history and landscape of Central Asia, Dasha’s artisanal practice is deeply connected to the Earth. When creating arrangements, she seeks to accentuate the natural beauty of every flower and leaf.

Yana Lee has brought her great experience in event management to the project. She was responsible for B2B partnerships and also organized events, producing and arranging travel logistics and scheduling for famous artists from Europe and the USA to leading venues. She managed a digital agency and developed fundraising in the hospitality business for restaurant chains in Europe.  

Yana Lee has come to the project with a deep background in bringing creative projects to life. Whether it’s the digital marketing division she founded and ran at a top agency, the  dozen food and dining establishments she attracted seed funding for in Europe, or the exhibitions and fundraising drives she’s produced as an event planner, Yana has a passion for connecting people and turning dreams into reality. Working with Umay, Yana brings her energy to a unique product that can touch people’s lives, and she sees floristry as a meditative practice with the power of transformation.